here we go

I start my new job in Hawaii in 60 days! Also season 3 of the scbkr fantasy football league starts today!!

I miss this.

I miss this.

Time for new

I applied for my Hawaii medical license. This is gonna be awesome!

First day…

…at my new hospital… shenanigans.

sorry for yelling into the camera so loud…

videos from my day in niagara..

so i skipped out on TnT…

and instead ate at a new Russian restaurant! and it was pretty stinkin good! I went to Cafe Glechik, just a few miles away from my place. 

upon entering several tables were occupied by a couple groups, all speaking russian… one had a liter of absolut that was just about empty… I wondered to myself how full it was when they arrived…

here is the menu!

I talked to sara today and ordered everything she recommended… green borscht, pelmini (small stuffed raviolis), vareniki (handmade dumplings), and to drink this stuff called kvas, a drink made of bread or malt, sugar and yeast… here’s a picture of it!

this kvas has a caramel-y sticky sweetness to it, which i attribute to the raisins that was listed as the last ingredient… its a little “carbonated” and had a little sediment at the bottom… I wasn’t sure if i was supposed to shake it up or not…

The borscht was the first dish out… it was delish!

normally borscht has a base of beets, but this green borscht uses a leafy green that I was unable to identify, but I know I have had before… the crazyiest ingredient in the soup was the smetana, this crazy cream substance that sara tells me they use on everything in Ukraine… i describe it as crazy because it doesn’t really melt like you would think a cream would melt if dolloped into a hot soup… 

after I finished my borscht, the rest of my order arrived.  I was basically full, but I was excited to have a sampling of what sara has been eating every morning… little dumplings and raviolis… and lemme tell you, they were wonderful! just the right size, full of flavor, savory and perfectly cooked.  Sara warned me that these little suckers can come swimming in butter, but mine did not, but i did notice after eating them that my lips haad a little slippery coating to it! here are some pictures of these little tasty morsels!


so I didn’t eat them all and looking at these photos reminded me that i have my leftovers waiting in the fridge for me! I am going to eat them now!


10:30am and I am sitting with my feet up waiting for a patient… with any luck I won’t have to move today except to get up and stretch so I will be well rested for a party I am attending tonight… I have every intention of updating this post with pictures from tonight… I am in the mood to relax via more than one or two beverages, but I feel the need to run long tomorrow, so we’ll see how much a consume tonight. 

and to Rachel and Travis… do you guys want to hang out tomorrow? I was thinking we jump on the ikea ferry, eat at south street seaport, then come back and watch hangover 2!!!


as promised, a picture from Becca’s party!

happy memorial day!

so I had dinner with with some great friends last night and the fact that i haven’t updated this blog was brought up… I started this blog when my girlfriend, Sara, moved to Ukraine for her 27 month stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer and it definitely served it’s purpose as a place for me to share my life with the world as the person that I used to do that with over hour plus long phone conversation is no longer around to listen to my rants and raves… my last post was on my birthday and since then I have had more than one fight with sara for various reasons mostly revolving about how much she has chosen to phase me out of her life.  i know when i describe the situation i am in, I definitely put a horrible spin on things, but it is was it is and for now I am going to keep trying with Sara even though I feel like I am fighting a losing battle.

suprises are awesome!

oh what a day! started with a call from mom and ended with a bottle of wine and thai food with a couple great friends! i couldnt have asked for anything more (except for sara remembering, but oh well)… i hope the rest of this month and year model themselves to be like the last few hours of this day that I have had! thank you so much to travis and rachel for having dinner with me even though they were probably exhoausted from a day of running crazyiness!